Newborn mentoring

Newborn mentoring with Daphne is for photographers who are looking for perfection and focused on baby images. If this is what you had in mind you are in the right place. If there's something I'll teach is patience, look for what is important in newborn photography and what not to focus on vs what is truly important. if you are looking to safe up lots of years of looking and watching YouTube video and still feel you just don't get it, this is a great opportunity to learn secrets that will make your next and all sessions a success.

I see it as a great investment that will help you cut down years of trying and give you more of doing, all though there’s so much out there where you can learn in a long period, what I see with when I mentor you is, you have it all there to visually learn and a moment of hands on with someone to let you know you are doing it right or what needs to be fixed, you will save up so many years of investing hours, months, and years not knowing what to do trying to figure it out as you aren't sure what you need to improve vs doing this investment and changing your newborn photography in a day! If there’s something I’ve learned is investing in education first will make you realize what props not to buy and which will be the best posing props you can get, sometimes we just do it all backwards, and that's why Im here to tell you I wish I knew this 10 years ago. 


1:1 mentoring


The 1:1 Mentoring can be tailored to you. We can focus on learning the specific skills you would like to improve or we can go through my complete workflow. These will cover Newborn Safety, Session Styling, Studio Lighting, Session Workflow, Table Posing, Prop Posing, Camera Settings & Angles, Wrapping Techniques and editing tips and tricks. 


⟡ One day 10am to 6pm
⟡ 1-2 Newborn Models

Newborn Safety,

⟡Table Posing workflow

⟡Prop workflow

⟡Wrapping techniques

⟡ Understanding Studio Light

Session Styling

⟡Understanding camera Settings

BONUS ⟡How to choose the best sized props, Business tips, and secrets.

Let's Work Together


Newborn Photography Mentoring

1:1 mentoring


1:2 mentoring

$2400 each

1:3 mentoring

$2000 each