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Thank you for your interest!

At Viva la Vida we do casting calls for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons is to see how a new product/prop/outfit photographs with an adorable baby or a Mentoring class! We thank you for your interest in participating and hope we get to meet you and your little one.

Note: If your baby is sensitive to noise/movement, stranger danger or is extremely shy , please do not apply as your session will likely result in zero images​!




It is extremely important that you are comfortable being at the studio for a possible period of 3-4 hours and Very important that you are not scheduled with any other photographer for your babies Newborn session, as this is casting call and it would not be fair to others who'd wish to be a model, or to photographers who possibly could benefit from a scheduled session. Respectfully for other photographers and a mommy who could had loved this opportunity. 


Usage Rights and Ownership

Client agrees that Photographer is the author and first owner of copyright of all images. Client has been granted a copyright release to print, upload, display, and otherwise use images for personal use only. Client agrees that client will not use images for any profitable venture without the express, written consent of Photographer. Photographer retains the right to use the Image(s) for her self-promotion. Client agrees the images will remain unaltered. 

Client agree no phone pictures will be taking during time of session, or any other type of pictures will be taken, other then the ones taken by Photos by Daphne.


Casting Calls receive edit digital images. Quantity as agreed with photographer this can vary from 5 images (this is depending on your babies duration and allowed time your baby gives photographer, as they can be fuzzy or just not having a great day on the day of their session) if you are interested in possibly receiving your entire gallery at no cost this will be discussed on the meeting scheduled before your session or you cn mention it incase you do not hear this being mentioned, all watermarked and in social media resolution or High resolution. You can purchase images with out watermark if desired and in a high resolution size, including copy release form or any other products. You will choose your images at your reveal day this takes 2-3 weeks, you will be scheduled to come once again to the studio where you'll choose them, if you are not available to come a second time photographer will choose and send the images if you request it this way. 



Since I want to give each client my full attention as well as their full amount of time, I ask that you please be on time, for there might be a session prior and/or after yours. Although I love my clients to be early I recommend that you do not arrive more than 15 prior to your appointment unless previously discussed. sessions take time and preparation and and time is very important, If you are over 5 minutes late for your scheduled time we will not go forward with the session unless you'd like to pay the full session booking  price of $195(model calls are free of booking fee). at this time you can contact the photographer and notify her you would like to move forward with the session or cancel at no fee. 


Casting calls can not be rescheduled, please be mindful of your photographer as this is a free casting call session being on time is very important. I ask that you do not have a planned session with another photographer, as this takes the opportunity from another mommy who would had liked this session.

Our studio is Tiny and we ask that siblings and/or little ones other than baby being photographed are arranged to stay home for more comfortable space for Newborn Baby/we also apologize for the inconvenience as we do not have bathrooms at the moment this can also be uncomfortable for children, you are welcome to bring someone who can help you as these first days can be a little hard. 


Because this is a Casting call it is important you know there is no rescheduling, these bookings are complementary and are not switched to any other type of sessions. I will choose wraps and colors for your babies session, these sessions are styled by photographer 100%. 

***Please only submit this if you are available to come to the meeting located in our studio , marietta ga.

*** Please bring pacifier, and a bottle for baby to have in between the session. 

*** If breast feeding please bring a ready pumped bottle.

*** Please try to keep baby awake 40min-1hr prior to the session, at this time you can play with baby, take baby a bath, talk to baby etc.

This will be very important so that baby is a great little model.

Congrats on your Newborn and see you soon!


Please ONLY submit registration for what you are trying to apply your baby to be cast on, Thank you.

Casting call


By summiting this form you agree to be available at time and date agreed with photographer.
Casting calls are at 10:30am or 1:30.

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Casting call


By summiting this form you agree to be available at time and date agreed with photographer. Casting calls are at 12:00pm. or as agreed with photographer.

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