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Cake Smash sessions are a 45min session, best and recommend to book 2-1 month in advance and a month before their Birthday this will allow time for you to receive your imagery on time for their party or birth date. Once you've booked we will start planning .  Outfits and props are included with your session, Cake is included & did you know a milestone mini is also included, Let's plan this ONE awesome celebration for your babys memories!  Booking $290

My vision is to record timeless and memorizing memories for you and your babies. All Cake Smash sessions are decorated on our unique wooden floors to give it a unforgettable look, they are decorated with balloon garlands, we have different color collections you can choose from. And it includes a quick milestone where we sit them on little beds and boxes. We want to create unique moments that will last a life time, something that will never go out of style for you and them.


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