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About Me


Hi! That is me at an early age, photo credit to my mom, and probably the only and best picture of me as a baby. A number one reason photography became a very important part of my life. At the age of 9 I became very passionate of anything I could record with my very first camera, and even though at the moment I did not know Photography could be my dream job, I  carried it with me at all times. As a child I remember having a bunch of toys, you name them I had! But ask me if today I still have those with me, where are they now, I have no idea! What can tell you is that this picture I do have, and it makes me happy to have it and show my kids now how I once looked as a baby, lol...

Toys will come and go, but these memories, these images will be the best memory you could ever give your child! Don't let that go, because they won't come back a second time. 


I now reside in the West Cobb area, with my two children my husband and our 6 dogs. My studio is located in Marietta,Ga. The little White studio, in home studio but in its own little building.


Photography has been a best part of my life newborns & toddlers are my favorite to capture, they make the cutest little faces and light up the studio with joy. Ask my children as they can't have enough of my camera and I... lol


Hope to meet you soon and make life time memories for you! ;) 

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Mount Calvary Rd, Marietta ga 30064

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